MyHealth Receives Level 6 Rating From CQC

MyHealth Receives Level 6 Rating From CQC

Health Receives Level 6 Risk Rating (Lowest) From CQC

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has yet to conduct an official inspection at MyHealth but we are delighted to inform you that, following their preliminary investigations, they believe we are amongst those practices nationally who represent the lowest possible ‘risk rating’ to our patients.

The CQC is the official regulator for Health and Social Care and so their focus is on ensuring safe, effective, compassionate and high quality care is delivered by service providers such as ourselves; they do this by assessing risk and putting in place measures to encourage change where necessary.

The CQC has placed MyHealth into risk group 6, the lowest of all risk groups and have stated we are ‘Better than average’ in many areas.  Click the link below for more information:

PDF CQC Intelligent Monitoring Report – MyHealth

We expect to receive our official CQC inspection sometime in the next few months.  All of CQCs reports are available publicly however, we will naturally publish this on our own website too, when this is available.