Medical Record Data Sharing

Medical Record Data Sharing

Medical Record Data Sharing

In recent months there has been a great deal of discussion in the media and through postal campaigns about the sharing of your health care data with third-party organisations which has, understandably, lead to some confusion and misunderstandings.

You have the right to opt-out of these data sharing services. Please read the information below before making a decision and then speak to your doctor or a receptionist stating clearly which service(s) you would like to opt-out of.  A list of related documents is also available from our Documents and Forms web page.



Summary Care Records

Your Summary Care Record (SCR) enables NHS clinicians across the UK to view, with your consent, basic information about your health status electronically.

This could be useful in an emergency. For example, should you be taken ill on holiday elsewhere in the UK, a doctor could view a list of your current medication and allergies to help administer correct and appropriate treatment. SCR rules state that clinicians must ask for your consent before accessing your SCR and must do this while being within the same room/ward as you. All SCR access is audited to ensure no unauthorised access has taken place.

Currently your SCR is limited to only providing clinicians with a list of your current medication and allergies. In the future you will also have the opportunity to allow clinicians to view a list of your significant medical conditions.

SCRs are stored within the encrypted NHS computer network and only accessible from a NHS computer terminal. SCRs can be turned on/off at your request and this change takes place instantly once you inform us.

The aim of a SCR is to improve the level of health care you receive from the NHS.  For more information, please visit the SCR website



Health & Social Care Information Centre Data Sharing

NHS Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) have developed a service for sharing clinical data with third-party organisations for research purposes.

For example, a medical University may wish to examine trends, patterns and anomalies in the spread of a particular illness across the UK.

HSCIC have not stated which third-party organisations your data will be shared with but they do believe that this service will greatly improve the health care patients receive across the UK and help to further development of effective treatments/medicines.

Your health care data is pseudo-anonymised with third-parties having access to your NHS number and postcode. HSCIC deemed it necessary not to totally anonymise your data in case there should be a need to contact us regarding your health status.

HSCIC’s data sharing service is also referred to as, NHS Data Sharing and the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES).

Unless you choose to opt-out, your data will be automatically uploaded to HSCIC’s data centre.  For more information, please visit the HSCIC website or telephone 0300 456 3531.