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Online Consultations

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MyHealth have launched a new ‘Total Triage’ system which allows you as the patient to navigate your way to the most appropriate care without the need to always call on the phone.  Of course you can still contact us by phone and we’ll be happy to help, using our new care pathway. 

This new process enables patients to complete a new and improved online form via our website, on the phone or in reception. This will mean that you receive the right care, at the right time, with the right person. Your query will be identified as urgent or routine through the intuitive pathway, meaning we can respond to your query appropriately and in the most convenient way.

All patient queries can be managed through this new process and will allow us to communicate with you in a timely and efficient way. By following a ‘Total Triage’ pathway, we are creating more capacity because the way we respond is quicker, more efficient and more accessible to you.

Contact us through the website:

Use our new and improved Klinik pathway. Select from the option relevant to your need to discuss a new or existing problem, general queries or to book any appointments. This system replicates what our call handlers can discuss with you and is an accessible way to communicate with us, without waiting on hold. We have a dedicated team of staff looking after online communications and arranging the best responses for you; this may be by phone, text, email or face to face. We can determine the urgency of your query and are committed to responding to routine queries within five working days.

Contact us by phone:

You can, of course, call us during our operating hours. Our dedicated team of call handlers will talk you through the Klinik pathway and support you using this new process, which will guide you to the right care, with the right person, at the right time. The outcome will be the same as following the form yourself through the website and your call will be triaged in the same way, meaning you are contacted efficiently and in an appropriate way.

In person:

You can attend one of our branches, where a receptionist will support you with your query. You can use our tablets to submit your form, or a member of the team can support you with this. Please note, all contact will be triaged through this process, even if you attend reception and we encourage patients to do this in the privacy of their own home via the website or over the phone.

We are sure you will like the changes we have made and we welcome your feedback about this. For more information, please keep an eye on our social media pages and website.

Thank you, from The MyHealth Team.